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11041515_661096957366464_2022012053280991224_nEffect of Rahu in Your Chart:
Rahu is Illusion Smoky Planet according to astrology. Scientifically its Point Where Eclipse happen to Sun or Moon. North Node of Moon is Rahu Whereas South Node of Moon is Ketu. in Given chart Rahu is in earth sign (Capricorn) in 2nd house.

1) Rahu is not too malefic for Person Born in (Taurus, Virgo Capricon) Lagna.
2) Rahu gives good result when it is alone(Not in Conjunction to any planet) in house.
3) Rahu Generally give good result if it sits in 3rd,6th,10th,11th some time in 4th house also. In 8th house it is highly malefic.
4) Rahu is Considered highly malefic if it conjunct with Sun or in chart Sun and saturn are in conjunction.
5) Rahu in Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces,) most of the time give bad results.
6) in Fire Sign ( Aries Leo, Sagittarius ) its gives average result some time good or some time bad, depends on Condition of lord of these signs in your chart.
7) Rahu in Earth Sign is very good (Taurus Virgo Capricorn) & also does well in Air Sign (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini ).

Ascendant Degree in Astrology:

So Friends in this case you have look your Ascendant (Lagna) Degree. The Planet which is closed (3-4degree) to lagna Degree has Maximum Positive or Negative effect in your life, Depend upon it is functional malefic or Benefic for your chart.

E.g: Suppose if you are Taurus Ascendant at 7degree, and planet Saturn is having 3degree or 9degree in your natal chart. It means Planet Saturn have maximum effect in your life & it is Positive because for Taurus Ascendant Saturn in Functional Benefic Planet, Rules 9th & 10th House. Similarly for other planets.


Secret of Saturn

AS we know about the Transit of Planets which give good aur bad result according to our chart. So Whenever the Saturn make Transit at 4th, 7th, 11th Place Where ever the Mars is in your natal chart, That time period is U turn of your life or, A big event happen in your life, Good or Bad depends on the situation of Mars in your horoscope.

For E.g – Suppose A Person Born with Taraus Ascendent having Mars in 2nd house (Sign Gemini), Will Experience a big change in his life in coming 2017-2018, Because Saturn transit in Sagittarius Which is 7th from 2nd house.


11263953_606861749456652_7877424241587103350_nHow to Find Mangalik Dosha in Girl Or Boy Birth chart?

If anybody have Mars in (1st house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house, 12th house) in Lagna Chart (Birth Chart). He/She Considered as Maagalik. In all these places mars is more powerful & is considered as harmful for life of partner. Logicaly Maglik dosha mean Person having high blood circulation, which leads to Increase Sexual nature & Anger in Person. In South India Mars in 2nd house is also considered as Mangalik

* Create conflict between partner.
* Your Partner may get into bad health
* Divorce
* Some time may lead to death of partner, Specially when mars is in 8th with the lord of 7th or 4th house.