Vastu Shastra Services in Thane | Vastu Gems

Vastu Shastra Services in Thane | Vastu Gems

Vastu shastra

The Indian civilization is the oldest in the world and has a rich heritage of developing different branches of science. Vastu Shastra is one such discipline that developed over the years based on the traditional knowledge gained from studying the nature.


      • The entrances to the house, living room, study and the place of worship should face the east.
      • Treasure boxes, lockers etc. should open towards the east to promote prosperity.


    • It is better to have a staircase or a tank in the west than anything else.
    • One could consider having an office here, as a second choice of offices, especially within the house.


    • Have the office in the north part of the house or the building for maximum success.
    • It is better if there is a slope or elevation on the north side.


    • Keep the south direction portion elevated compared to the rest of the house.
    • Try keeping a tank or an overhead tank in the south portion.


    • Open spaces in the north-eastern direction is a good idea.
    • Having a slope in the north-eastern area would be a smart step.


    • There should be no underground water tank in the north- west part of the house.
    • The kitchen, the dining room and the master bedroom should certainly not be in this direction.


    • It is very beneficial to have the kitchen in this direction.
    • Any electrical instruments, like TVs, motors, batteries, inverters, home theatre, etc. should be placed on the south- eastern side of the room.


    • Rent out the place in the south-west part of your house.
    • Do not have any overhead tanks or basements in the south west for it promotes discord.