Basics of Astrolgy

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This is a Birth chart or Chart in (North Indian Style) with Zodiac & there ruler planet

1st house Aries Ruling Planet – Mars (Mangal)
2nd House Taurus – Venus (Shukhra)
3rd House Gemini – Mercury (Budh)
4th House Cancer- Moon (Chandra)
5th House Leo – Sun (Soorya)
6th House Virgo – Mercury (Budh)
7th House Libra – Venus (Shukra)
8th House Scorpio – Mars (Mangal)
9th House Sagittarius – Jupiter (Guru)
10th House Capricorn – Saturn (Shaani)
11th House Aquarius – Saturn (Shaani)
12th House Pisces – Jupiter (Guru)

Note: This Sign are Changes there houses-(Bhav) according to the Rising Sign called Ascendent (Lagna)


If you See a Chart it looks like this having 12 boxes called (Bhaav)
Each bhav Or Houses have Diffrent meaning.


  • 1st House called Lagana (Rising Sign) Represent The SELF’ Personality, Characterstics,Nature,Health & Longevity.
  • 2nd House Represents Family,Wealth,Food, Speech, Expression, Accumulated Wealth).
  • 3rd House Represents ( Relatives, Servents, younger Brother Sisters, Phisical & Mental Stamina ).
  • 4th House Represents ( Home, Happiness, Mother, Private life, Friends, Vehicles).
  • 5th House Represents ( Birth of Child, Son, Daughter, Education, Intelligence, Love life Romance).
  • 6th House is Evil House called (Trik Bhaav) Represents: ( Diseases Enemies, Negative Matters, Competition).
  • 7th House Represents: ( Your Life Partner, Married life & Happiness)
  • 8th House Is Most Malefic House (Trik bhav) Represents: (Death, Accidents, Chronic diseases, Sudden Events like sudden losses & effortless money etc).
  • 9th House Represents: (Thigh, Luck, Long Journeys,Ego).
  • 10th House Represents: (Public Life, Job, Career, Achievements, Success, Father).
  • 11th House Represents: (Your Gains, Income, Profit, Relation with Friends).
  • 12th House Represents: (All Expenditure, Waste of Energy, Losses, Spritualty).


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